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Mark Pruitt

Lic#: 168001

(606) 224-2650

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Customer Reviews

See what customers are saying about Tri-County Home Inspection LLC:

“Mark was very professional and made the process run smooth. He took his time and inspected every nook and cranny. The process from beginning to end was done within the day with a very professional outcome. I will recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection. I will be calling Mark to inspect my home additions also... Thanks Mark!”
-Patrick W. Cook
“My wife and I had heard Mark was one of the best at his job. Well in my opinion he is the best. He is very thorough in his inspection, answered every question I had asked. Explained in great detail. The report was 37 pages and had great photos to show what was found. There isn’t one square inch he doesn’t check. Give him a call. You won’t be disappointed!”
-Danny Nunley
“Mark was available whenever I needed him and did a very thorough job. He is very personable and helpful. I recommend him highly.”
-Joy Seymour Johnson
“My wife and I hired Mark after having our offer accepted on our new home. He did a thorough inspection and went over the report in great detail answering every question we had. I called him again to see if he would go back and reinspect something the seller had fixed, and he went out the day I called. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received and will recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.”
-Tyler O'Bryan
“Mark done an excellent job on my home inspection last week. I am a first-time home buyer and he was very thorough with me and explained every little detail from the inspection. He even met with me at the house and went over everything with me and showed every potential problem with the home. Mark also sent the full detailed report to me with pictures as soon as he finished the inspection. I highly recommend using Mark for your home inspection. I’ll be using him anytime I need an inspection done!”
-Shane Garland
“I called Mark when I put in an offer on a home. He explained everything and looked over every square inch of the home thoroughly. He treated the home inspection as if he was going to buy the home himself. I recommend him to everyone.”
-Tyler Moody
“Reached out to Mark on Friday and had an inspection scheduled for Monday! Super easy process and very professional! Was open to questions and discussing the report! Highly recommend!”
-Paige Kirby
“Mark does such a great job! He has done two home inspections for us while we search for our home and both times he has been very through. If you are looking to buy or sell your home I highly suggest giving him a call.”
-Amanda Wooton Smith
“Me and my wife were trying to get our first house. Our good friend said that Mike was the best and he exceeded all of our expectations. He called us within an hour to schedule a time for the inspection the next day! It meant a lot since I know nothing about houses that Mark would take the time to explain what he would be doing during the inspection. Not only that but he took time out of his evening to call me and go over the final inspection report in detail. It meant a lot since he was willing to answer any and all questions. I just wish I could give him 10 stars instead of 5.”
-Josh Green